Month: November 2021

Is shooting pain in the breast serious?

Occasional or minor breast pain is very common, and is not usually a cause for concern. However, there are a few situations in which a person should seek medical help. If a person develops the following symptoms, they should immediately see their Doctors. severe chest pain chest pressure uncomfortable squeezing or fullness in the center of the […]
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Shoulder pain relief is within your reach

Raise your hand if you’ve never had shoulder pain. Indeed, shoulder pain can make even that simple act agonizing. Shoulder problems not only keep you from doing the things you enjoy but make even routine daily activities daunting and difficult. You can find freedom and relief from shoulder pain The fact is, more than 70% […]
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Could zinc help control blood pressure?

Calcium and potassium are involved in the regulation of blood pressure, but one new study suggests that zinc may also have a part to play. The researchers made this discovery accidentally while they were investigating zinc’s role in rat brain function. If additional research validates the study’s conclusion, the findings could eventually lead to new […]
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