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About us

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About us Our Mission

CareClick is a pioneering telemedicine company that is bridging the gap in provision of quality healthcare solutions & services across Africa. Due to the inadequacy of healthcare professionals and other factors, obtaining access to quality medical care is quite challenging for Nigeria and many other countries.

This is where we come in to provide remote & convenient means of connecting our subscribers to quality & affordable healthcare providers for themselves and their families.

With CareClick, you get various services which include:

1. Easy to use virtual clinic access across mobile and web. Allows you get medical consultations, prescriptions, remote monitoring & more.

2. Book appointments at your own convenience from the comfort of your, home, office, school, anywhere, and at anytime.

3. 24/7 availability to a MDCN certified professional. You never have to lack medical care with our doctors always available to assist you, whenever, wherever.

Our mission is to ensure every individual; rich or poor, old or young has access to healthcare and little or no cost through the use of technology as a major driver.

We have a team of formidable and the best Healthcare management experts available in the Nigeria with partnerships across Africa. 

We believe Healthcare is a basic human right and everyone should have it. 

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